Elliot Kaplan

Hamilton Hall Room 103D · Hamilton, ON · L8S 4K1 · kaplae2@mcmaster.ca

I am an NSF postdoctoral fellow at McMaster University. My research lies in model theory and its applications. I completed my PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where my advisor was Lou van den Dries.


I am interested in o-minimality, the model theory of valued fields, and the model theory of differential fields.


Monotone T-convex T-differential fields.
With N. Pynn-Coates.

Hilbert polynomials for finitary matroids.
With A. Fornasiero.

Hyperserial fields.
With V. Bagayoko and J. van der Hoeven.


A dichotomy for T-convex fields with a monomial group.
With C. Kesting.
Mathematical Logic Quarterly (2024).    

Liouville closed HT-fields.
Journal of Algebra (2023).    

T-convex T-differential fields and their immediate extensions.
Pacific Journal of Mathematics (2022).    

Surreal ordered exponential fields.
With P. Ehrlich.
Journal of Symbolic Logic (2021).    

Generic derivations on o-minimal structures.
With A. Fornasiero.
Journal of Mathematical Logic (2021).    

Pairs of theories satisfying a Mordell-Lang condition.
With A. Block Gorman and P. Hieronymi.
Fundamenta Mathematicae (2020).    

Distality for the asymptotic couple of the field of logarithmic transseries.
With A. Gehret.
Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic (2020).    

Continuous regular functions.
With A. Block Gorman, P. Hieronymi, R. Meng, E. Walsberg, Z. Wang, Z. Xiong, and H. Yang.
Logical Methods in Computer Science (2020).    

Logarithmic hyperseries.
With L. van den Dries and J. van der Hoeven.
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (2019).    

Number systems with simplicity hierarchies II.
With P. Ehrlich.
Journal of Symbolic Logic (2018).    

Resolution depth of positive braids.
With D. Krcatovich and P. O'Brien.
Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications (2015).    


Derivations on o-minimal fields.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2021).    


I am not teaching this summer.

Past Teaching (McMaster)

Fall 2023:
Math 1B03 (Linear Algebra I).

Fall 2022:
Math 1ZA3 (Engineering Mathematics I).

Past Teaching (UIUC)

Fall 2020:
Head TA for Math 415 (Applied Linear Algebra).

Summer 2020:
TA for Math 231 (Calculus II).

Fall 2019:
TA for Math 241 (Calculus III).

Fall 2018:
TA for Math 241 (Calculus III).

Spring 2018:
Head TA for Math 415 (Applied Linear Algebra).

Fall 2017:
Head TA for Math 125 (Elementary Linear Algebra).
Grader for Math 570 (Mathematical Logic) and Math 535 (General Topology).

Spring 2017:
TA for Math 241 (Calculus III).

Fall 2016:
TA for Math 241 (Calculus III).
Grader for Math 570 (Mathematical Logic).

Fall 2015:
TA for Math 231 (Calculus II).